Cyber Security Consulting

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In most scenarios, network and application infrastructure is setup to cost efficiently provide high speed, business critical functionality in order to produce maximum productivity.  The same is true for established workflow and information handling practices within most organizations.  Generally, cyber security and social engineering considerations are an afterthought, usually in the wake of an internal event or a major breach such as the Equifax incident hits the news cycle.  Our cyber security consulting practice can spot these exploitable network, operating system and application vulnerabilities, as well as other infrastructure nodes, such as IoT devices, which can prove to be internal platforms for launching security breaches.


Additionally, it is crucial to identify weaknesses in your workforce's cyber security hygiene habits.  Beyond identified vulnerabilities in networked devices and applications, a missing link many organizations neglect are the security practices of their employees.  Let us recommend steps for remediation of your devices, applications and personnel, before your organization is breached or falls victim to ransomware delivered via spoofed emails because of a lack of security awareness training.