Optium Cyber Systems (OCSI) offers a suite of four related services to clients designed to identify and eliminate any potential cyber threat in a timely and cost effective way.  Once a threat has been identified, steps must be taken to mitigate and remediate those threats, as well as to educate users as to their responsibility in reducing organizational risk. The services provided for each of these steps utilize existing industry leading methodologies and technologies to analyze, report, and then eliminate any cyber security vulnerabilities. OCSI will take on the responsibility of securing a client’s network infrastructure, freeing up internal existing IT staffers to focus on maintaining their infrastructure. 



The first step in the OCSI Solution is detection. For each new client, OCSI will perform a structured analysis of the client's IT system to identify high-risk devices and vulnerabilities within the client's network.



Once the initial Cyber Vulnerability Assessment has been completed, OCSI will take the collected data and develop a unique Managed Security Services Plan (MSSP) for each client. The MSSP is broken down into two components: initial setup, then ongoing monitoring. Much like a home alarm, OCSI will implement a monitoring system designed to detect, alert, and mitigate any cyber threats.



Once a vulnerability is identified, OCSI will provide a roadmap for the organization's IT staff to effectively manage or negate the threat. At this stage OCSI will provide guidance to the client's IT personnel on how to properly implement changes to the network to avoid future threats.



The single weakest link in any organizations' information security ecosystem is the human element.  Many security threats rely upon employee's lack of cyber security awareness. OCSI will provide an organization's employees the cyber security training required on how to spot security threats and effectively deal with them.