Managed Security Services
Ongoing Surveillance = Peace of Mind


Asset Discovery

In order to secure assets, you must know they exist. While this sounds simple, many organizations find that some of their biggest vulnerabilities are actually hidden inside their environment. Old test environments, decommissioned systems, undocumented industrial controls and "shadow IT" are all risks and many of these go undiscovered. Let us locate these risks before they are exploited.


Intrusion Detection

Our monitoring system tracks activity from host and network-based sensors to identify suspicious activity.  Additionally, file integrity monitoring alerts our Security Operations Center specialists to unauthorized changes to content housed on critical systems. In order to minimize the average dwell time for an attacker, you must identify them as quickly as possible. Let us show you how.


Behavioral Monitoring

After our experts setup sensors in your environment, we use automated behavioral analysis to build a baseline profile of normal network activity. After this baseline snapshot is created, it can simplify the identification of abnormal behavior and alerts can be triggered.  These alerts are analyzed by experts at our Security Operations Center (SOC) to determine if there is a real risk to our customers.