Optium Cyber Systems, Inc (OCSI) offers a suite of four related services to clients designed to detect and eliminate any potential cyber threat, timely and cost effectively. These services utilize existing industry leading methodologies and technologies to analyze, report, and then eliminate any cyber security vulnerabilities. OCSI will take on the responsibility of securing a client’s network infrastructure, freeing up internal existing IT staffers to focus on maintaining their infrastructure. 

Why Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. ?
Optium Cyber Systems takes a holistic through consultative approach to examining the entirety of your organizations cyber security footprint. That includes a thorough examination of all your information technology assets both external, internal, and cloud services. We also look at the human component in terms of measuring security awareness and ability to be socially engineered. Once you receive our report detailing issues by priority and recommended steps to remediation you’ll be in a position to engage your IT staff and resolve those issues.

Why does Optium Cyber Systems take the consultative approach to cyber security?
Because if you only look at a few aspects of your cyber security footprint you’ll only uncover some of your vulnerabilities. We look at your environment through multiple perspectives.

Network Architecture: In some cases, the design of a client’s network infrastructure can be inherently insecure. Even if you layer additional security appliances over the issue that may not fully address the most likely avenue of attack. Where applicable, we can examine your architecture and render recommend design changes that enhance the security posture of your mission critical assets while maintaining it’s functionality.

The attacker’s “Hacker” perspective: Once engaged, one of method we use to ferret out your vulnerabilities is to take the same approach an experienced hacker would take to discover your vulnerabilities. Of course, we use this approach ethically in concert with your IT staff.

Organizational Footprint in the Public Domain: What type of information is available about your organization in the public domain or the dark web? From a cyber security perspective, it’s important because that information is routinely used by threat actors to successfully breach your environment. SPAM embedded with malware or malicious links isn’t the only example of this information being used against our clients.